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Invasive species: A global problem we can tackle together

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Image of a group of people behind large letters that say, #IPBESTO

This week, a major new report on invasive species was published by the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). It highlights the seriousness of the threat posed by invasive non-native species but shows that by working together with greater coordination and resources we can successfully tackle the threat.

What is all the buzz about mosquitoes?

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Image of a mosquito with the APHA logo and the text, "World Mosquito Day 2023"

With climate change impacting mosquito populations in the UK and Europe attention is turning to the increased risk of new diseases becoming established in our mosquito populations. APHA’s Vector-Borne Diseases Workgroup Head, Nick Johnson, and Dr Karen Mansfield, Dr Estela Gonzalez-Fernandez, Sanam Sewgobind and Insiyah Parekh from the Arbovirus Research Team reveal more.

APHA and partners in the battle against a growing global health crisis

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Image of bacteria growing in an agar plate with the text: Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance Together. The following logos also appear: APHA, VMD, Cefas, The Fleming Fund and FAO.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the top ten global public health threats. Read more about how APHA and partners harness their expertise to help partners located in low- and middle-income countries to develop their approach to investigating AMR and antimicrobial use.

Exploring the rise of vector-borne diseases

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Image of a mosquito, APHA logo and the text, "World Zoonoses Day, Exploring the rise of vector-borne diseases, July 6th 2023"

Temperate regions such as the UK, are now seeing repeated introductions of invasive mosquito species, as well as mosquito-borne viruses not previously detected in the UK. Doctor Luis M. Hernández-Triana, APHA’s Discipline Champion and expert in the field of vector borne diseases describes how APHA is involved in vector borne disease research and the importance of these emerging pathogens.

The power of collaboration: Insights from the One Health EJP conference

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Logo containing riverside buildings with the text, "One Health EJP Stakeholder Conference Brussels". The APHA logo also appears with the One Health EJP logo also

Fin Twomey, Head of the APHA’s Surveillance Intelligence Unit, recently attended the 2023 Stakeholder Conference of the One Health European Joint Programme, a five-year partnership programme across the fields of public health, animal health and food safety.

From STEM curiosity to career: a story of success

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Image of a female on a building site with the International Women in Engineering Day logo and the date 23 June 2023

In this blog to mark International Women in Engineering Day on 23 June, we hear from Jenn Harris as she talks about her journey to a career in construction and engineering and why the Science Capability in Animal Health (SCAH) programme has given her the perfect opportunity to combine her love of science and engineering.

Invasive species: the silent threat to our ecosystems

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Image of a seedling growing through hard ground with the title, "Invasive Species Week, 15-21 May 2023"

Once established, invasive non-native species can threaten biodiversity and can be extremely costly and difficult to control. APHA Director of Science Transformation, Jenny Stewart and Lucy Cornwell from the GB Non-native Species Secretariat are sharing some of the ways that everyone can help.