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Viral diseases

The importance of Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) surveillance in controlling bluetongue

Image of a cow's head with the APHA logo and the title, "Bluetongue Virus"

Bluetongue is an exotic notifiable disease in Great Britain, spread primarily by midges, which can threaten animal welfare and trade. Learn how APHA plays a part in controlling this disease.

What is all the buzz about mosquitoes?

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Image of a mosquito with the APHA logo and the text, "World Mosquito Day 2023"

With climate change impacting mosquito populations in the UK and Europe attention is turning to the increased risk of new diseases becoming established in our mosquito populations. APHA’s Vector-Borne Diseases Workgroup Head, Nick Johnson, and Dr Karen Mansfield, Dr Estela Gonzalez-Fernandez, Sanam Sewgobind and Insiyah Parekh from the Arbovirus Research Team reveal more.

Exploring the rise of vector-borne diseases

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Image of a mosquito, APHA logo and the text, "World Zoonoses Day, Exploring the rise of vector-borne diseases, July 6th 2023"

Temperate regions such as the UK, are now seeing repeated introductions of invasive mosquito species, as well as mosquito-borne viruses not previously detected in the UK. Doctor Luis M. Hernández-Triana, APHA’s Discipline Champion and expert in the field of vector borne diseases describes how APHA is involved in vector borne disease research and the importance of these emerging pathogens.

APHA's emergency team are always alert to high risk animal disease

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members of the NEEG

Upon confirmation of the presence of avian influenza in the UK, APHA immediately mobilised the National Emergency Epidemiology Group (NEEG). But what is the role of this group and why is it so important? In this blog, we hear from Dr Vicky Kalogeropoulou, Senior Scientific Project Manager and member of the NEEG as she explains more.