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Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson PhD

Nick Johnson is the head of the Vector-Borne Diseases workgroup with responsibility for the National Reference Laboratory for Arboviral Diseases and research on mosquito- and tick-borne viruses.

Since completing a PhD at the University of Southampton, Nick completed a number of research fellowships on infectious diseases within the university sector. He joined APHA in 2000 to investigate infection models for rabies and related lyssavirus. From 2007, Nick began developing research and molecular testing for vector-borne diseases and has a particular interest in the transmission of zoonotic viruses by arthropod vectors.

What is all the buzz about mosquitoes?

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Image of a mosquito with the APHA logo and the text, "World Mosquito Day 2023"

With climate change impacting mosquito populations in the UK and Europe attention is turning to the increased risk of new diseases becoming established in our mosquito populations. APHA’s Vector-Borne Diseases Workgroup Head, Nick Johnson, and Dr Karen Mansfield, Dr Estela Gonzalez-Fernandez, Sanam Sewgobind and Insiyah Parekh from the Arbovirus Research Team reveal more.

A bite size introduction to APHA’s role in combating Malaria

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A mosquito on skin

Although human malaria is no longer present in the UK, it is still prevalent in many tropical regions of the world. In this blog, APHA’s Dr Nick Johnson, whose research focuses on mosquito- and tick-borne diseases, provides a brief overview of malaria and how APHA plays a role in detecting the malaria parasite.

Spotlight on APHA’s zoonotic disease research

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Image of a mosquito on skin

The 6th of July marks World Zoonoses Day - an opportunity to raise awareness of those diseases that affect both humans and animals. The origin of diseases has been on everyone’s mind over the past 18 months, particularly those that cause epidemics. Here Dr. Nick Johnson of the newly formed Vector-Borne Diseases group within APHA’s Virology Department discusses what a zoonosis is and what APHAs role is in responding to them.