Sharon Brookes

Dr Sharon M Brookes (PhD, FRSB)
Lead Scientist for Virology: Animal and Zoonotic Viral Diseases Portfolio, Animal Plant Health Agency, Weybridge. Veterinary and zoonotic disease virologist with over 25 years’ experience in viral pathogen research and diagnostics (BTV, FMDV, ASFV, Rabies/Lyssaviruses, Influenza A viruses). A strong background in co-ordinating work programmes within high bio-containment facilities both laboratory and animal units; special interest in animal welfare and ethics (3R’s). Expertise: Disease pathogenesis, intra/inter-species transmission dynamics, and disease intervention and prevention. Veterinary species and animal model of human infection (poultry, pigs, ferrets, mice).
Journal Medical Microbiology editor: One Health Section
Civil Service Future Leadership Scheme – 2019 cohort